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Ultimate Guide to Safely Building Your Solar Callus

Are you aware that MORE sun and ultraviolet light (UV) exposure is leads to less cancer, less cardiovascular disease, less metabolic disease and longer life?

These were the findings of a succession of large population-based studies in Sweden & the UK over the past decade that replicated studies as far back as late 1930s showing increased UV light exposure was associated with less cancer mortality.

If you are looking to learn how to use the sun safely tor health, this is the course for you!

Learn how to harness the sun to safely build melanin, Vitamin D and reap the anti-cancer, cardiovascular and life-extending benefits of deliberate sun exposure.

What you'll get:


  1. What is the Solar callus?
  2. Health benefits of Sun - Biology
  3. Health benefits of Sun - Clinical evidence
  4. Properties of Sunlight
  5. Biological effects of Light Wavelengths
  6. Skin response to Sun


  1. Medications
  2. Dietary preparation
  3. Sunscreens & sunglasses
  4. Light environment
  5. Ancestry & Skin type
  6. Disclaimer


  1. Optimise Circadian rhythm & light diet
  2. Optimise Food Diet
  3.  Build Solar Callus 
  4. Vitamin D Targets 
  5. Skin Checks

Bonus Lessons

  1. History of Heliotherapy
  2. 'No Such Thing As A Safe Tan': Debunking Incorrect Claims About the Sun & Health 

All based on a rigorous, up-to-date interpretation of the basic science, human, and epidemiological scientific literature by Max Gulhane, BSc. (Hons), MD, MPH, Circadian health expert.

Who is this for? 
Anyone who wants to live their healthiest, optimal life.

Sunlight & UV light is physiologically required in so many body systems. Vitamin D deficiency is linked to breast cancer, bowel cancer, melanoma, type II diabetes, a host of autoimmune diseases. 

*While everyone can benefit from certain wavelengths of sunlight exposure, not everyone can safely get ultraviolet (UV) light. If you are immunosuppressed or taking photosensitizing medications, contact us beforehand.