$99.00 USD

Circadian Reset

Tired all the time? Weight loss stalled? Feeling not-quite-right despite a healthy diet?

Your light environment is the missing piece for your health. 

This is my introduction course to circadian health including video lessons on:

  • Why Circadian Health Matters
  • Light and Life
  • Good light, Bad light
  • Importance of Morning sun 
  • Sun breaks
  • Blocking artificial light
  • Grounding
  • Circadian meal timing
  • Low carbohydrate diet

And written lessons on:

  • Circadian workplace
  • Circadian socialising
  • Circadian exercising

Includes one FREE month of my Private Community group hosted on the Skool platform!

This is the course for you if 

You are overweight or insulin resistance and looking to reverse your disease

Have chronically poor sleep.

Are a practitioner and want to start discussing circadian health but don't know where to begin to learn about it...

I look forward to supporting you to improve your circadian rhythm and optimise your health!