About Me

Dr Max Gulhane is a practicing Australian Health Optimizing Physician and health educator.



He graduated University of Melbourne as a Doctor of Medicine/Master of Public Health (MD/MPH) in 2018 after completing a Bachelor of Science BSc. (Hons, First Class) at the University of Queensland in 2013, investigating the effect of refined food diet on mouse models of inflammatory bowel disease.


He worked in general and emergency medicine in Melbourne, New South Wales and Queensland before moving to Albury, NSW in 2023 to commence General Practice (RACGP) training and work under Dr Robert Szabo at the Gardens Medical Group. He is currently on leave from clinical practice, focusing on expanding educational offerings but will be resuming in Q3 2024.


Current focus

Dr Max’s current focus of work include metabolic disease reversal, circadian and quantum biology, low carbohydrate & carnivore nutrition, fertility & pregnancy optimization, endocrine disrupting chemicals, food system decentralization and regenerative farming with an emphasis on Nguni cattle.


He hosts the Regenerative Health Podcast interviewing world-leading doctors, health practitioners and regenerative farmers on the above topics and how to promote decentralized solutions to the new modern normal of chronic disease and high chemical-input monocrop farming.

He also promotes grassroots and community solutions to these challenges through REGENERATE, in-person holistic health summits held in rural and urban Australia that connect, educate and empower people to take charge of their health.